Welcome to The Learning Bridge

The information in this handbook will help you understand the policies practiced during the day-to-day operations of this after-school program. Learning Bridge is located on-site in select Forsyth County elementary schools. 

The Learning Bridge accepts all children into the program regardless of national origin, race, creed, ability, or physical handicaps. 

At Learning Bridge we understand the importance of having a safe, fun way to connect with friends, enjoy a variety of activities including a structured homework time, extra learning activities, organized physical activities and expressions in art.  

It is the mission of the Learning Bridge to:

  • Foster the self-worth of each child
  • Assist in developing personal and interpersonal skills 
  • Provide assistance with homework and  p

    rovide developmentally appropriate enrichment activities to enhance child’s learning.

  • Provide recreational and physical activities to develop physical skills 
  • Provide students with the opportunity to have input on and help plan the program activities with the assistance of the staff. 

If you have any questions please contact us:

Jim Riddle –Owner
P.O. Box 956
Cumming,GA 30028
Email- learningbridge@comcast.net


Administration and Staff 

Mr. Jim Riddle is the program administrator for all of the Learning Bridge sites. Mr. Riddle visits each site regularly to ensure the highest quality of care for each child. 

All of our sites are state licensed and monitored by state consultants.  An experienced site director is designated at each school. All of our employees are required to have a clear background finger print check and complete 10 hours state-certified training every year.  C.P.R. and First Aid certification is also required. 


Operating Schedule 

The Learning Bridge will follow the Forsyth County School System calendar. The Learning Bridge will only be open when school is in session. Please refer to the school calendar for days that Learning Bridge will not be operating.

Services provided: 

  • 176 regular days of Student Calendar (dismissal to 6:30 p.m.)
  • Early Release days (dismissal to 6:30 p.m.)

Late fees will be charged after 6:30 and continual late pick-up may result in dismissal.


Tuition Policies 

Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year 

Registration          $50 annually per child 


Full Time Program 
      1st child                    $60 weekly
      2nd / 3rd child        $50 weekly

3-day program
      1st child                    $45 weekly
      2nd / 3rd child        $40 weekly


Parents must designate the full-time or three-day  program and will be invoiced for that program. Due to safety considerations, appropriate staffing and book-keeping issues  programs cannot be changed on a day-to-day or a weekly basis. 

No drop-in services are available.

If a change in your work schedule occurs and the program designation needs to change, you must notify in writing the school office, our staff on-site and send an email to the Learning bridge office. 

Monthly statements are available only via email so a current email address must be supplied to the on-site staff or the Learning bridge office. On-line payments are accepted through Bill and Pay.  You will receive via email a Bill and Pay invite, and once enrolled you can access your account through the home page- www.billandpay.com at any time.

Important Tuition Notices 

  •  Learning Bridge is a pre-pay program. Tuition can be paid on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.
  • Tuition can be paid online but all online payments must be for at least the monthly fee. Transaction fees prohibit us from allowing smaller amounts.
  • All on-line payments must be made through the Bill and Pay, or will not be credited to your account.
  •  Tuition can be paid on-site by check, cash or money order. Do not send tuition payments in your child’s book bag or to your child’s classroom teacher. Please make checks payable to The Learning Bridge.
  • Tuition is to be paid by Friday  by 6:30p.m. of the week preceding the week of care.  
  • Tuition  is invoiced according to your child’s designated program and must be paid regardless of days missed.
  • Paper statements will be done only on an as needed basis or for late accounts. Tuition is due regardless of receipt of statement.
  • Tuition will be pro-rated only on a case by case basis at the discretion of the administration. Staff on -site does not set and can not change invoices. To have your case considered your child must be absent for the week, and for illnesses a copy of the doctor’s excuse must be supplied.
  • All children must be picked up by 6:30p.m. A late fee of $1 per minute will be charged after 6:30. Fees will accrue according to the school clock and will be added to your account. Your child may be dismissed due to habitual late pick-ups or unpaid late fees.
  • Two or more returned checks will result in the need of all future payments to be in cash, by money order or online.
  • A returned check fee of $25 will be charged.
  • Learning Bridge reserves the right to dismiss your child any time your account is late for two or more weeks. from the program.


Enrollment Requirements and Procedures

All students must be enrolled in one of the elementary school sites that the Learning Bridge services.  The Learning Bridge accepts students from Kindergarten to 5th grade (ages 5-12). All parents must fill out a complete enrollment packet for each child annually and form must be on-site before your child starts..   The parent is responsible for updating packet information during the school year if needed.  Ask our on-site staff to pull your child’s enrollment form.

No child will be allowed to enter or leave the premises without being escorted by an authorized adult- age 18 or older- on your pick-up list. Any child being picked up by an adult who is unfamiliar to the staff must show a valid picture I.D. If the adult is not on the pick up list a parent will be called to give verbal permission. Until we reach a parent the child will not be allowed to leave. 

If your child is participating in an extra curricular activity (clubs, scouts etc.) at the school, and the activity begins after the start of Learning   Bridge the adult running the activity must sign your child out and back in to after-school. Parents must have this child on their authorized pick-up list. 

It is the policy of the Learning Bridge to ask that another person be contacted to drive your child home when we suspect a person is driving impaired. Staff will contact the Sheriff’s Department, and provide all relevant information.


Learning Bridge employees will take attendance on a daily basis.  Parents or authorized persons will sign the child out every day providing time of pick-up and initials.  Late fees will start at 6:30,and accrue at the rate of $1 every minute. If the staff has not had contact from the parent explaining the reason for tardiness, at 6:30 we will begin calling contact numbers. If numbers have changed or no one can be reached, at 7p.m. the staff will contact the Sheriff’s Dept. assuming the child has been abandoned. 

If your child is on restricted pickup involving custody issues with the other biological parent you must provide the program with legal documentation to support this action. For all intents and purposes, the parent signing the child up and filling out the original enrollment packet will be given preference for all decisions regarding the child- medical, discipline, financial etc.-unless other legal directions are given. Learning Bridge staff will not get involved in any divorce or custodial issues. Any information needed must be requested through the Learning Bridge office, and a subpoena will be required.

Special Services

Learning Bridge is committed to providing every child with a safe and supportive after-school environment. In order to confirm our program would be beneficial to a child with special needs we will take the time to consider each child individually. A telephone meeting between parents and after-school administration, assessment forms for parents to complete and talks with other pertinent specialists before enrollment will help everyone make a well-informed decision based on the best interests of the child. Reasonable modifications may be made to the program to accommodate a particular child, within the scope of our program and the facilities available to staff.


Withdrawal Procedures 

A two week  written notice of withdrawal must be emailed, faxed or mailed to the Learning Bridge office prior to withdrawing. For an absence to be considered a withdrawal and therefore avoid additional invoicing it must be 4 weeks or longer- and can not include in that time period school holidays. Upon re-enrollment you will be invoiced an enrollment fee of $50 per child. Learning Bridge can not guarantee your child’s space will be available so you must contact the office in order to re-enter the program.  Any absence of less than 4 weeks will not be considered a withdrawal and will be invoiced at the child’s designated program rate. You are responsible for tuition regardless of attendance. On-site staff can not alter these policies, any reduction in invoicing will be done at administration’s discretion on a case by case basis.


Child Abuse Policy 

Learning Bridge employees are mandated reporters. Any employees  that have cause or reason to believe that a child is being abused, deprived or neglected, shall report immediately to the Director.  The Director will investigate and take the appropriate action in accordance with Georgia law. 



Learning Bridge will supply a daily snack.

If your child has severe food allergies, you are responsible for alerting the on-site staff. Learning Bridge will make every reasonable effort to provide an alternative snack and remove your child from any contact with the allergen. If you are supplying a snack from home it must meet state nutritional guidelines.


Medication and Medical Policies 

The Learning Bridge staff will not dispense any medication. Emergency medications such as an Epi-pen or inhalers are allowed. They will be administered by trained staff. The school nurse may be consulted. Please contact Director for forms and policies.  

The Learning Bridge does not offer transportation.  If a medical emergency requires transportation, emergency medical services will be notified and the student and an employee of The Learning Bridge will be transported to Northside-Forsyth. 

All attempts will be made to notify parents and the Learning Bridge administration, however the well-being of the child is our first priority.  No Learning Bridge employee will deter a child from receiving emergency medical care.

 In non-emergency situations, basic first aid will be given and an accident report will be filled out by staff, and signed by director and parent.

A child will not be accepted or allowed to remain at the Learning Bridge program if he/she has a fever of 101 degrees or higher or other contagious symptoms such as rash, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat, etc.  A parent will be notified to pick up child immediately.  Child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to the program. The Learning Bridge reserves the right to request a doctor’s note stating the child can return.  

If anyone on site is found to have a contagious communicable disease parents will receive written notice, and the board of health will be notified. If your child is diagnosed with a communicable disease you must notify learning Bridge administration. Children will be excluded from afterschool according to recommendations on communicable disease chart.



It is the mission of the Learning Bridge to provide your child with a safe after school environment.  In doing so, each school will follow the policies set forth by the Forsyth County School System for lockdown, bomb threats, and other emergency situations. The Learning Bridge staff will conduct monthly fire drills, twice yearly severe weather drills and at least one lock down drill to ensure the safety of your child.  

In the event of severe weather, we will operate according to Forsyth County School safety policies. All children will be led to a safe area within the school. In the case of an emergency occurs requiring evacuation, the students will be evacuated to North Forsyth Middle School. If school closes before the Learning Bridge begins, you must have alternative pick-up arrangements on file with your child’s school.  If we need to close after our program has begun, for example due to hazardous road conditions, you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child as soon as possible.  

Each school has a set of guidelines for emergency situations posted in our after school area.  Please review these rules.

Discipline Policies

The Learning Bridge will uphold the policies set forth by the Forsyth County School System Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures, in addition to our own rules and regulations. Disciplinary procedures are designed and enforced to maintain a safe and secure environment for all children. Any child deemed to be a safety concern to him/herself, the other children or the staff may be dismissed immediately. The following disciplinary actions may be imposed for a violation of these rules:

  • Explanation /reinforcement of rules and safe behavior
  • Redirection or removal from activity
  • Time out- (younger) children may spend this time creating a drawing of the broken rule and behavior change, (older) children will create a written action plan.
  • Loss of privileges
  • Notification of site director, verbal discussion with parents
  • Written incident report, signed by parents and director
  • Notification of Learning Bridge administration
  • Parent conference with administration and site director
  • Short term suspension- 1 to 4 days
  • Dismissal from program

All parents and authorized adults will be held to the Code of Conduct. Parents are expected to treat the staff, other children and parents with respect. No parent may confront another child regardless of the situation. A child may be dismissed from the program due to parental/ adult misconduct.

Technology Policy

Learning Bridge allows personal technology to be used only during the scheduled homework time. At schools where access to the school computer lab is given use may be more restricted.

Due to the possibility of misconduct with cell phones they will not be considered technology. Students will be instructed to turn phones off and place in their book bags. If directions are not followed and issues arise the phone will be taken up by the staff.

Any incidents of a child viewing inappropriate websites, taking pictures on school property, using technology to bully or harass another child or playing inappropriate games may result in the removal of their computer privileges or in more serious cases immediate dismissal.

Learning Bridge will not be responsible for missing or damaged materials. All personal items brought to after school are at the owners risk.


Program Activities 

The Learning Bridge is dedicated to providing a balance of academic, enrichment, and recreational activities.  Students will be grouped according to the number of students enrolled in the program.  Groupings are usually done by grade level: K-2 and 3-5. 


Regularly Scheduled Activities

  • Snack – Please let the staff know if your child has any medical problems requiring a special snack.
  • Consistent homework program-Scheduled Monday thru Thursday. All children will be required to read for at least 20 minutes. Academic activities such as math/spelling/reading/strategic games will be available for those children without homework.  The younger children will enjoy story time and small group/ developmentally appropriate activities.It is the parent’s responsibility  to check homework and to complete items needing individual assistance such as quizzing spelling words, fluencies, and/or projects. No one on one tutoring is available.
  • Outdoor recreational and gym activities–free play and teacher directed  Weather permitting each group will go outside every day. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately dressed for weather conditions.


Enhancement  Activities 

  • Arts and Crafts activities 
  • STEM explorations 
  • Team building / social skills activities 
  • Theme related events
  • Seasonal parties


Early Release Day Activities 

  • In-house field trips 
  • Special crafts 
  • Special snack / cooking projects

No off site field trips will be planned so no transportation permission slips will be required.