Parents will have limited access to the building. A sign-out table will be located outside the cafeteria where possible. Pens will be provided but it is highly recommended each parent bring their own.

If a parent requires their child to wear a mask, the mask must be supplied by the parent.

Contactless thermometers have been supplied to each site. Any child who has a fever of 100.4 or higher or is showing signs of illness must be picked up immediately. A doctor’s clearance will be required to allow return to after-school.

All children will be assigned seats for snack and homework and separated as far as possible when in the cafeteria.

Hand washing will be encouraged with multiple chances for children and staff to wash their hands.

Surfaces will be disinfected as frequently as possible.

Snacks will be individually packaged to start the year. This step will limit the personal contact of food products by the staff.

Please provide your child with pencils, paper etc. for homework.

Playground time will be extended to help facilitate distancing. Dress child accordingly and supply your child with a water bottle with their name clearly marked on it. Children will be able to refill water bottles.

Your child is responsible for keeping track of all of their personal items including masks.

All payments will be made online to limit contact, except where it will cause undue hardship to the parent. Sign-up sheets will be posted at sign out books to supply a current email address and invite emails will be sent to the parent for Bill and Pay.

Thank you for your cooperation. With everyone working together we can all stay healthy!